PALS … (Preston And Lisa Sain)

Much to my own dismay….. please watch the long and boring video …. ugh……

I could have wrote, but I don’t have the words….It was easier to just talk. I hope you all understand. Thank you… Lisa

8 comments on “PALS … (Preston And Lisa Sain)

  1. Judy Boyles says:

    Lisa….my heart just wheeped so much listening to your story, but at the same time I admire your strength and positive attitude. I know it hurts and so many of us can feel your pain. This could be so many of us. All you did getting pals into place for P and we all followed the progress and were excited right along with you. I wish we all had the magic answer for our kids ….all of the love we have for them just isnโ€™t enough and that in itself is too much sadness…. but we push on! Thank you for sharing your story. We love you all like family.

  2. dawn says:

    *hugs* i am so glad to hear you are pressing on. love from us down here in Detroit.

  3. Kalen says:

    Oh, Lisa. I’m so sorry.
    I’ve been following your blog since I first stumbled upon Kelli’s unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstances years ago. You’re one of the strongest people whose thoughts I’ve ever had the opportunity to come across. Thank you so much for your candor and genuineness, especially on such a misinformed topic.
    Stay strong. Stay badass. Stay AMAZING. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  4. Pattie says:

    Lisa, I just read and watched your blogs… my heart breaks for you and Preston. I was just wondering how Preston is doing and more…. how are you doing? Would love to see an update. I donโ€™t know where you liv, but, I live
    In Mt Pleasant…if I am anywhere close to you, I would be glad to be of help of some sort. My email is

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